Zealandia Stockists

Zealandia products are available in leading pet shops and veterinary clinics across New Zealand, throughout Asia, and the rest of the world. If you would like to become a stockist please contact your local distributor. If you are interested becoming a distributor for Zealandia products, please contact us. If you are already a stockist you can register your store with our locator tool to lead local customers who are interested in Zealandia products to you.

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Pet shops

We support the independent pet trade. The knowledge and passion of staff at independent pet shops is excellent and compliments our brand and ethos.

Vet clinics

Our products are natural with functional ingredients, everything a vet is looking to advocate. Please ask for Zealandia at your local vet by reputation.

Garden centres

We love garden centres. They have a friendly atmosphere with a backdrop of greenery and oxygen. Zealandia is green, ethically sourced and natural.

Dog trainers

If you would like to see a dog beg for a bone then try Zealandia Ribbies. Dogs will be especially obedient to get a taste of 100% real meat and bone.

Dog groomers

Zealandia treats are perfect to reward a dog for their good behaviour after a perm at the doggy hairdresser. They will want to go back again and again!

Dog walkers

Exercising your pet goes hand in hand with eating natural, wholesome food. By having a packet of Zealandia treats on your walk will be fun for you and your dog.

Our happy customers

At Zealandia we love receiving feedback, which is one reason why we have our monthly competitions on Facebook.
Simply upload a photo or video of your pet eating a Zealandia product to instantly go into the draw.
We have regular prize draws of products and promotional merchandise.

Zealandia is available in all good pet food shops and vet clinics across New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China & the UAE.