Zealandia Venison Chews

Made from ethically-sourced New Zealand venison, these treats are 100% natural, containing no additives, vaccines or growth hormones. These chews will help remove plaque and tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth when chewed. Plus they are easily digestible, and taste amazing! Available in resealable, plastic pouches, at selected pet shops, vet surgeries, and garden centres worldwide.

  1. Ingredients 100% NZ Venison Ears
  2. Quantity 60g / 2.1oz pouch
  3. Suitable Ages 3 months+
  4. Suitable Size 1.5kg+
  5. Suitable Breeds All
  6. Protein 73.1%
  7. Crude Ash 3.4%
  8. Moisture 11.9%
  9. Fat SBR 9.3%
  10. Fibre 2.3%
  11. Kcal ME/kg 4072

Zealandia is available in all good pet food shops and vet clinics across New Zealand, China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, & the UAE.