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Our Story

We are named after the 8th continent Zealandia, which encompasses New Zealand and the surrounding oceans. It represents one of the purist environments on earth with deep seas and fertile land. We aim to educate about the important connection between the environment, ethical farming practices, and the resulting nutrition that is served to your pets.

  • Farm animal compassion. We care for farm animals as well as pets. We ensure that farm animals have a happy, healthy existence before helping dogs & cats survive with better nutrition. The New Zealand Animal Welfare Act 1999, states that every farm animal is required to be treated humanely and with care. We raise awareness of Responsible Farming Practices.
  • We support birds & forests. By making a Brushtail pet food we are directly assisting in preserving native birds, while making the most of an animal that would otherwise be disposed of. The Brushtail possum was introduced in the 1850’s from Australia as a source of fur for clothing and food. By the 1980s the peak population reached over 50 million. We think including this protein in our pet food is the perfect response to an animal which does not harmoniously integrate with the New Zealand eco-system.
  • Sustainable seafood. We ensure that all our proteins come from farms that are certified with the NZ government. The meat is free-range/run, grass-fed or wild. All the fish we use is classified as sustainable by the International, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).
  • Functional & novel ingredients. We use proteins, and supporting ingredients that have a direct benefit to a pet’s health. The high meat content is for energy, including organs for natural vitamins and minerals. Lamb hearts for Coenzyme Q10, and Lamb Liver for Natural Vitamin A. Green Tripe is to assist with digestion. Green-Lipped Mussels for Hip & Joints, and Salmon Oil to help with a shiny coat.

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