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The 8th Continent

We are named after the 8th continent Zealandia, which encompasses New Zealand and the surrounding oceans. It represents one of the purist environments on earth with deep seas and fertile land. We aim to educate about the important connection between the environment, ethical farming practices, and the resulting nutrition that is served to your pets.

In 2017, a group of geologists announced the discovery of Zealandia – Te Riu-a-Māui in the Māori language. A vast continent of 1.89 million sq miles (4.9 million sq km) it is around six times the size of Madagascar.

Though the world's encyclopaedias, maps and search engines were convinced that there are just seven continents for some time, this team of geologists confidently informed the world that this was wrong. There are of course eight after all – and the latest addition breaks all the records, as the smallest, thinnest, and youngest in the world. 94% of it is underwater, with a handful of islands, such as New Zealand. 

We launched our innovative Zealandia Pet Food in 2012 - so have always been five years ahead of everyone else! 

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